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The hush of darkness had begun to settle. Night whispers were yawning. They were a bit cranky, as if they didn’t get enough sleep. It was the same amount they got yesterday. The same amount they would get tomorrow. They … Continue reading

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In constant fear of transparent shadows Shadows containing where I have been Shadows reflecting, what these eyes have seen Falling deeper into Pain’s prison Shuddering from the cell door’s clang Closing behind me Peering through the settling dust Petrified by … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis

An Andy Scott/Mangus Khan Collaboration It was not suppose to be like this when we took our cries to the streets it was suppose to start a revelation for us all where we would give freedom’s wall a kiss living … Continue reading

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Welcome to Madness

I am known as Mangus Khan. My life has been a turning page in a dime store novel. Nothing steadily grabbing your attention, but enough to keep you interested. Writing for me, is one of those gifts the Master gives, … Continue reading

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