In constant fear of transparent shadows
Shadows containing where I have been
Shadows reflecting, what these eyes have seen

Falling deeper into Pain’s prison
Shuddering from the cell door’s clang
Closing behind me

Peering through the settling dust
Petrified by a mesmerizing silence
Deciphering the wonders of a wandering mind

My soul speaks, as my quill whispers to thee.

I wonder…

What stories my quill will sing to me?
If I will hear them?
If I will have the courage to write the contents of my heart?
If I will continue bask in the comforts of this mask?

A mask I have worn for so long
Though safety resides within it
Truth lies outside it

My mind travels to a forgotten time…

A time when I heedlessly skipped through the morning dew

There you are ….

I thought I had lost you …

My fingers caress a totem of my innocence

I place it upon my soul’s mantle
Its image a reminder, not an anchor
For it represents a time long pass gone …

I must prepare for action’s responsibility
Prepare for inaction’s consequence
No longer stagnate in contemplation

Yet, my mind still wanders as it wonders
If the courage I possess, will be enough to get me through the dark days?
If the good that resides within, will one day cast away the darkness?
If I will succumb to the hatred that something rules the soul of man?
If I will live to see the peace that glistens in the pale moonlight, save our hearts?

Moving toward our destiny is the only way
Although, this reflection is regrettable
Its purpose is a profound necessity

Smiling, for one never knows what they may find
As they sift through the dust…
Who knows?  They might find themselves…

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1 Response to Dust

  1. carinaragno says:

    Smiling, for one never knows what they may find
    As they sift through the dust…
    Who knows? They might find themselves…

    beautiful 🙂
    thank you my friend

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