Quo Vadis

An Andy Scott/Mangus Khan Collaboration

It was not suppose to be like this
when we took our cries to the streets
it was suppose to start a revelation for us all
where we would give freedom’s wall a kiss
living past the years of defeats
lifting the smothering shawl

I close my eyes to the truth
Mesmerized by freedom’s illusion
I close my eyes to the smoke
From smoldering cinders of liberty

I begin to choke …

Begin to choke …

Crying out, for my fears are becoming true
Denial, such a lovely color for you
Crying out, for my guilt is bleeding through
As the lies just sit and glare at you

How deep I don’t want to know…

I feel the knife of greed scrape to my bone
Grinding past where there is no more blood to bleed
All of the meat is gone from underneath my skin

Scream from my dried, chapped lips

“How much more to be taken?”
“There is nothing more to be taken!”

On my knees with defeated independence
a withered, empty body
with belief of tomorrow that will not escape
until, step by step, the embers rise again

My Master’s grace I beckon …

As I shudder, for I feel its warmth growing
I feel it creeping through every fiber of my being
Help me understand! What is this?
This is not the way I want to live!

Help me withstand this … Would you please?
Give me the strength to stomp out Hatred’s fiery desires
Give me the strength to stop this, before it
seduces my soul and engulfs my heart

Help me to stand with the courage of my beliefs
May I have the wisdom to have the understanding,
that the tomorrow I seek …Begins with me

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1 Response to Quo Vadis

  1. carinaragno says:

    change begins with us
    thank you

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