Unveiled Madness #1

My flesh had started to rot. My stomach was queasy from the stench. I had been hanging for so long I couldn’t feel my arms. Been hanging so long, I forgotten the day, the time, the manner on which I got there. I had begun to forget my name. The room was dark and musty. The aroma of musk and decay lingered, like a thick fog. The only sound I could is the crackle of the burning cigarette behind me. Oh how badly, I wanted one. Oh how I longed for just drag. 

I wanted to cry out. I wanted cry for a sip of water. Something wet against my drying lips. I needed to see the sun, just for a moment. Just for moment to help me maintain the hope that slowly slipping away. We take things for granted. We have a certain expectations of life. Liberties that we feel are coming to us. We never expect that will be stripped away. Never expect that our illusions of freedom will be shattered. 

It won’t be long now. It won’t be before my body gives in. It has been too long without the necessities. Too long without nourishment. The chain creaks a familiar sound, as I sway to lifeless melody. In my mind I hum a tune unwritten. I hum a tune heard only by me. Each note takes me closer. Each bar a path on a journey that I alone must travel. A journey towards my salvation. Something that no man can ever take away. 


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