Closed Blinds

With a push of a button the television screen goes blank
removing that annoying hum that fills our homes for the
better part of the day. A hum that we seldom realize it exist
until it gone. Noticing how peaceful your life just got

I sat down by my window
and opened the blinds

from my window I see
a world absent of law

for there was no mercy, for those who wanted it
no mercy for those in need
there was none, even for those
who dropped to their knees and pleaded…

from my window I witnessed
the darkness of the light

the woman adjusting her clothes
because she just made rent in the backseat
the man who’s rent vanished in a buff of smoke
the child who wonders about their next meal
because their father just drank it away

from my window I light
through the darkness

the young man helping the older couple
a reminder that there is still courtesy, although fading
the blooms of the flowers in a overgrown garden
steadily growing… steadily fighting ….
as we should, like every moment was our last

from my window I witness those
who will not bow

those who’d faith is unwavering
those who love unconditionally
with no concern of themselves
those who continue to fight
though is no sign of hope

in this window I have seen
a great many things

things that you want to fix, but cannot
things that make us cry
even if it is silently amongst a hundred

things that will make stand on a mountain top and cheer

things that will make strongest of men get up and walk away

it is these things and so much more that
represent the ideal that I have spent my life fighting for…

No wonder I can never close the blinds …

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