Unveiled Madness #4

Why do I bother to post, when I realize my words fall upon deaf ears. I realize my words are invisible, transparent. Not because they are on some unknown level or some G-14 classified shit…nah. They are transparent and silent, because people refuse to look and listen.

It used bother me. Yeah, it used to cut me deep. Making me feel some sort of way. Making me feel like I wasn’t worthy of their attention. As if I needed their commentary to validate me. As If I needed as some sort of approval. I had forgotten why I came here. I had forgotten my purpose, my goal, my duty

You see I am on quest. A quest to discover myself. Not to discover who I am, but to understanding for what I have done, what I seen, and to gain wisdom counsel for the things I have yet to do. I need to sift through the rubble, as the fragment slip my fingers. I need to be cut by the shards of glass and burned by the smoldering embers…

Many have walked with me allow this journey. Together we awaited to see what madness Lunacy had in store for us. Such brave souls, so loyal, so faithful …such good friends. I haven’t the words, but I thank you. For the sake of all I write page after page, sentence after sentence, and word after word.

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