Bringing Things to a Close

The sun peeked through the blinds, signaling the dawn. I was a couple of paragraphs away from finishing an all-nighter. A couple of paragraphs away from bringing the novel that I had been working for months to a close. The flow of words put me into one of those trance like states. You know the ones I am talking about; just you, some blank paper, and good pen. Many in my profession have abandoned the likes of the pen and paper only to embrace the word processor. Not me, still I kept it simple. Still, I kept it the place where it all started so many years ago. I was just a silent man there in the corner scribing the words to the melody of the moment.

I got up and walked into the kitchen to make another pot of goodness. I had been writing non-stop for the past week trying to get out the final pages of the “Turk Dawson Mystery”. My coffee pot had begun to show signs from the strain. A good cleansing is what was needed. I made a sink full of dish water and I dropped in the parts that could be washed. I decided to let them soak a bit, while I showered.

I walked into the bedroom to get dressed that’s when I saw her. She must have slipped in during the night. I suppose she had gotten tired of waiting for me to finish the novel. I guess she got tired of waiting for that phone call that never came. She knew the rules; no distractions while I am writing. I know it sounds crazy to completely isolated from the world, but it was something about that made it a necessity.

Quietly, I leaned against the wall watching her. My eyes examined every detail of what was before me. I exhaled deeply into the depths of contentment. I stood there in my toweled dripping frame, thankful that she had broken the rules. I was so very grateful that she supplied me with such a pristine image. What a way to bring things to a close.

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