I remember

I exhale deeply, as my thoughts travel to the moment we last spent together. my body shivers in the magical breath of the past. Somehow knowing we can recapture the magic here, now, in the present. Images of you in my arms fills my mind. our closeness; intoxicating. Your touch so soothing. Slowly we began to rub our bodies together, as our hearts slows to beat in unison. The scent of your hair, your body make my nostrils flare. It churns my soul. It fills my lungs with tranquil breaths we sway in the dissonance of us.

This morning, I remember the tenderness of your touch. I remember you whispering you would return. I push back my thoughts and desire, as i anxiously await. My body tingle, as tiny pulse surge through me. What I would not give to hear, to see, to touch, to taste you once more. I understand your absence in necessity. Necessity doesn’t stop the void that has grown from the moment you walked out. Take your time my love. Do all you need too, but hurry every chance you get ….

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